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Each Of Us Has An Ability To Develop Our Unique 6th Sense. The Ability To See The End From The Start

In This Book You Will Learn The Practical Approach To Developing Your 6th Sense
Kareen Mills draws from a wealth of experience and beautifully articulates the 6th sense we all have... and how we can develop it further.
"I am very honored to share this book with all my fellow entrepreneurs out there who work tirelessly to chase their dreams. Through adversities and life’s trial and error, I developed my 6th sense. 

No one taught me how to develop it and the philosophies that lie beneath the surface of it. This is the first self-help booklet out there of its kind that is finally articulating step by step how to unleash your 6th sense and use it to become extraordinary. 

Many folks talk about The 6th Sense and how most successful people have it. We were all born with it, and were given the primary tools to succeed. We just need to master the art of developing it."

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meet the woman behind the book
Kareen Mills
I was made in the Philippines; born and raised.  I came to America with my parents in the year 2000 when I was turning 21 years of age.  As a 3rd world little 8 year old girl, it was always my dream to live the American Dream. Except I ended up with multiple American nightmares that helped me develop my 6th sense over time.  Adversities are beautiful.  I know this sounds like an oxymoron but they are a gift.  They help unleash the warrior inside you!  I am living proof.  The 6th sense isn’t an external force that pulls you, it’s an internal magnet that grounds you.  I’m so fired up to share this journey with you and teach you how to simply optimize all your senses and unleash your 6th sense!
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The 6th sense is filled with information for any entrepreneur draw from. Not only will this book put you in the driver's seat of your professional destiny, it will connect you to a large group of like-minded business professionals all committed to the same thing as you. Enhancing your innate 6th sense to see the end from the beginning and taking massive action to make your goals a reality.

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What People Are Saying About This Incredible Book On...
Easy application, massive results .... a MUST READ"
Review By Jeremy Schroyer
In building a business I encounter so many challenges that truly require me to dig deep for the answers to complex questions. This book captured the "extra sense" needed to continue to produce under any circumstances.
Great insight in to the mental make-up needed to dominate the competition...
Review By Tiffany Vandehey
This book has made me realize that having an entreprenurial spirit is not reserved for a select few. It is for anyone willing to take the appropriate actions needed to be successful and how to develop your 6th sense to get an edge on competition.

The 6th sense helped me understand the practical application of simple methods to enhance my ability to achieve my goals. I would recommend this to anyone seeking a way to train the mind and body to produce what you want. 

Jeff Hill

As a young entrepreneur I have been able to build a multi million dollar business but I am always seeking ways to enhance myself and my abilities. The 6th sense provided me valuable insight in to the mental state needed to continue to take my business and life to new heights. 

Brandon Skinner

Kareen Mills story is powerful. The 6th sense gives insight in to how she was able to overcome a ton of adversity.. moving to the United States at 20 years old. She provides a road map to duplicate the success she achieved. The ideas expressed can be easily applied by anyone to enhance what they have already been able to accomplish.

Amie Sanders

Great short read. Found a lot of nuggets packed in to this little book. Definitely worth the read.

Adam Harden
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